Adelaide Gas Heating Installation, Service & Repairs

Everybody loves a warm, welcoming home to protect us from a chilly winter. Natural gas heating is an efficient, effective way to keep things toasty at home or at work. Gas heating is also better for the environment than an electric heater.

Whether you need a new gas heater installation or your existing heater has stopped working, the team at Klein Plumbing & Gas have got you covered. Our friendly, reliable team is fully insured and qualified to assist with all things gas heating. We can upgrade or convert existing ducted systems, supply and install new systems and even service and repair your current gas heater to keep you warm and cosy all year round. The team at Klein can help you with supply, installation service and repairs:

Gas heating installation, service & repair

Leak detection & repair

Extensions & renovations

New homes

Conversions & upgrades of existing heating systems

Ducted Heating

Wall mounted heaters

Floor heaters

Fake fireplaces

C02 & Carbon monoxide monitoring

Signs That Your Gas Heating Might Need Some Attention

Like most appliances, gas heating requires servicing and maintenance to keep it running efficiently and effectively. There are also some important signs to take note of that may indicate your heater needs urgent attention. Faulty gas appliances can be VERY dangerous. If you notice any of the below issues or have concerns that your gas heating may be faulty then it’s time to call Klein Plumbing & Gas without delay!

Your gas heater wont light

Your gas heater is ineffective or goes out during use

Temperature is inconsistent and requires frequent adjustment

You notice unusual sounds coming from the heater

Errors are presented on the screen or controller

There are bad smells coming from the heating or ducting

You notice the smell of gas or visible leaks

The heater or flue is rusted

Unexplained spikes in your gas bill

Cold spots in your home

You have not serviced your heater in the last 12 months

While some of these issues may not be signs of danger, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to gas heating. If you notice any of the above issues or would like to have your gas heater inspected and serviced, call Klein Plumbing & Gas to find out more.

Why Choose Klein Plumbing & Gas for Gas Heating?

With over 15 years of experience supplying installing and maintaining gas heaters, Klein Plumbing & Gas are Adelaide’s trusted service provider. Our team is fully licensed, fully insured and hold police and working with children clearances for your peace of mind. Our client focus and honest approach combined with our extensive experience across all types of gas heating means that we can often repair units for far less than the cost of replacing them.

Safety is a number one priority at Klein Plumbing & Gas and we take our responsibility very seriously. All our supplied appliances and fittings are approved by the Australian Gas Association, so you can rely on a quality installation that complies with Australia’s rigorous safety standards. We also perform carbon monoxide (CO) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) testing to ensure our installations are safe for your family, employees and customers.