Blocked Drains & Repairs

Klein Plumbing & Gas are Adelaide’s go to experts when it comes to blocked drains and pipes. We combine years of experience with the latest drain inspection and cleaning equipment to deliver reliable and long-lasting drain unblocking services.

Drains can become blocked in your home or workplace for a number of reasons. Most commonly the causes of blocked drains are:

Foreign Objects & Other Debris

Items that shouldn’t be flushed are allowed down the drain can get caught in your plumbing and lead to blockages. Things such as tissues, make up wipes, cotton swabs, wet wipes, large solid food scraps and even tissues can lead to blocked drains.

Grease, Oil & Fat

Oils and fats are not water soluble and can solidify or build up residue or in your plumbing, leading to blockages and poor drainage.

Tree Roots

We all know trees need water, and they do too! Mature trees can extend their root systems further than the height of the tree itself and often manage to find their way into drains and plumbing to gain access to water. As the roots grow and expand into the system they can create blockages or catch other debris leading to poor drainage or total blockage.

Earth Movement or Pipe Collapse

Sometimes a blocked drain has nothing to do with foreign objects. Natural movement in the ground or building can lead to flow restrictions or total blockage of drainage systems if the pipework collapses.

How to tell if your drains are blocked?

There are several ways to identify a blocked drain. The most obvious sign of a blocked drain is a complete failure of water to drain from a bath, shower, basin or sink. You may also notice that when draining water from one area, the level in another begins to rise or overflow.

There are some less obvious signs of blocked or dirty drains, too. Early intervention can reduce the risk of costly damage from flooding caused by total drain blockages. If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s time to call Klein Plumbing & Gas for a drain inspection and clean.

Gurgling sounds coming from the drains, sink or toilet

Foul or unpleasant smells coming from your drains or wet areas

Slow draining of water from sinks, shower or toilet

Unexplained dampness in walls, floors or fixtures

Unusually wet or muddy patches outside the home

Overflow of sewerage from external drains

Why choose Klein Plumbing & Gas for blocked drains?

With the latest drain inspection equipment, Hydrojetting and CCTV Klein Plumbing & Gas takes the guesswork out of drain cleaning and unblocking. We can identify the specific cause and location of the blockage and visually inspect the issue to determine the best way to clear the obstruction and minimise the likelihood of recurrence in the near future. Our knowledgeable drain cleaning experts will provide honest assessments and advice, to provide you with the best possible value. We are the professionals that you can rely on for a prompt, effective and long lasting drain clean.