Plumbing Services Adelaide

Klein Plumbing & Gas Adelaide offer a wide range of plumbing services for all applications and industries from residential to commercial. We take great pride in providing top quality services using excellent communication to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Whether it be for new installations and upgrades, repairs and replacements or servicing and maintenance, you can count on Klein to provide professional, reliable services for all your plumbing needs.

We offer a range of services additional to those listed below so give us a call to find out how Klein Plumbing & Gas can help!

Bathrooms, Toilets & Laundry

Bathrooms, Toilets & Laundry The wet areas of your home are usually the most functional and are often used multiple times a day. When something goes wrong, everybody is affected. Klein Plumbing & Gas offer prompt, professional services for all wet areas including kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and laundries. Our knowledgeable team can help with everything…

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Blocked Drains & Repairs

Blocked Drains & Repairs Klein Plumbing & Gas are Adelaide’s go to experts when it comes to blocked drains and pipes. We combine years of experience with the latest drain inspection and cleaning equipment to deliver reliable and long-lasting drain unblocking services. Drains can become blocked in your home or workplace for a number of…

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Commercial Plumbing & Gas

Commercial Plumbers & Gas Fitters in Adelaide Klein Plumbing & Gas are Adelaide’s commercial plumbing experts with over 15 years of gas fitting & plumbing experience. In a commercial setting, plumbing and fixtures will usually require more maintenance than domestic applications. So when your cash flow relies on your gas and water flow, who will…

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Hot Water

Hot Water Service Installations & Repairs There are few things more relaxing than a nice hot shower, and few things more disheartening than waiting for that stream of hot water that never comes. Even worse, is having the hot water run out halfway through while you’re still covered in suds! If your hot water stops…

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Kitchen Plumbing & Gas Services Adelaide There are those that suggest the kitchen is the beating heart of any home. A place for families to come together. A place for talking and laughter while preparing or sharing a meal. Whether or not you agree with this sentiment most people use their kitchen multiple times a…

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New Homes & Renovations

Choose Klein Plumbing & Gas for Your New Home, Renovations or Extensions There are few things that are as equally exciting and stressful as planning a new home, renovation, or extension. Klein Plumbing & Gas have over 15 years of experience in planning, consulting and installing plumbing and gas for new homes, renovations and extensions.…

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Outdoor Plumbing & Gas

Outdoor Plumbing & Gas Work Klein’s exceptional plumbing and gas services are not just limited to the inside of your home or business. Our friendly team of experts can take care of all things plumbing and gas for your outdoor areas as well. Offering a wide range of installation, repairs and maintenance services we can…

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Plumbing Leak Detection & Repair

Plumbing Leak Detection & Repairs Leaking plumbing can increase water bills, cause water damage and lead to mould growth presenting a risk to the health and finances of your family. The earlier a leak is detected, the cheaper it is to rectify and the less chance there is for further damage to occur. If you…

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